Tips to enjoy a more sustainable Christmas

Christmas is coming, that magical time of the year when the streets are filled with lights, the packages are wrapped in paper and more paper and the streets are filled with cars. Many people consider this time the happiest and most beautiful of the year, but the truth is that for the environment it is not.

Road traffic, electricity consumption or excessive decoration and lighting can have very serious negative effects on the environment. The point isn’t to stop celebrating the Christmas holidays, of course from Brushboo we invite you to do it with all your Christmas spirit, but being conscious and responsible with the consumption and with the environment.

Here are some tips on how to enjoy Christmas in a more sustainable way:

  1. Wrap your gifts always in recycled paper: today there are many types and they are the same or even more beautiful than the traditional wrapping papers. Also, if you add a personal message it will be even better.
  2. Give organic products as Christmas presents: The Brushboo eco-friendly brush made of bamboo is a great gift for Christmas and for the invisible friend. An original gift at a very affordable price.
  3. Use energy-saving light bulbs: If you are going to have your Christmas tree or any other area in your home iluminated, use low-energy bulbs. They will help your economy and the environment.
  4. Turn off the lights when you do not need them: It is not necessary for your tree or your portal to shine while you sleep or when you are out. Make sure to turn off all the lights when they are not necessary.
  5. Use timers: There are some tools called timers that are responsible for turning lights on and off at the appropriate time. This will help us control that the lights are only on when necessary.
  6. Do not over-buy: Christmas has a big impact on the impulsive factor at the time of purchasing, try to make your purchases in cash, keep a list of what you need or want to give and do not let anything else drive you to the purchase more. For the decorative elements of the house, try not to buy more than you need and if possible use the ones you have from other years.
  7. Use the e-mail: If you are one of those who send Christmas postcards, try to do it by e-mail this year, it is not only cheaper, you will also reduce the impact of logistics (which also pollutes) and waste of paper. In addition, there are platforms that allow you to congratulate Christmas in an interactive and original way. However, if you decide to send postal items, opt for postcards on recycled paper.
  8. Use the public transportation: using public transport options such as the subway will not only avoid the horrible Christmas traffic (which puts us all in a bad mood) you will also be contributing to the environment and to your city.
  9. Choose organic food: At Christmas we not only exceed the consumption of material goods, it is also a time when we exceed the consumption of food. This year try to buy what is fair and always consider the alternatives of ecological, biological or even fair trade (you will be doing charity while you enjoy a more sustainable meal).
  10. DIY: “Do it yourself”. If you want to squeeze your creative vein, this is the best time! There is nothing like decorating the house with decorations that you have made yourself. Surely in your house you have hundreds of things that do not serve you and that with a little imagination (and maybe paint) can be transformed into the perfect adornment. I'm sure you can also make some manual gifts. Nowadays it is rare to give away as gifts things that we have done manually, but remember that you are giving your time and I am sure that the person who receives it will know how to value that resource of time more than the money. After all, what you do is unique and there is no store that sells it 


Surely you also have an idea on how to make Christmas more ecological and sustainable! Would you like to share it with us?

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